Thursday, 8 September 2016

ISIS terrorists say they had plans for mass killing in Hyderabad

By Udumula Sudhakar Reddy

The five ISIS terror suspects, including brothers Ibrahim and Ilyas Yazdani, have confessed to National Investigation Agency and Telangana Intelligence officials that they had planned “mass killing” in Hyderabad before Id.

Their handler, Shafi Armar, was to give them final instructions on making live bombs from Syria over Skype or video call in one of their houses. “Shafi used to show how to make the bombs and they used electronic scales to weigh the IED ingredients,” said an official.

They were awaiting orders from Shafi and had tentatively fixed the evening of Saturday, July 2 to carry out the terror strikes in Hyderabad.

A source in the TS Intelligence department said, “They had purchased firearms and some explosives in Maharashtra and other chemicals like urea and Hydrogen Peroxide in Hyderabad. They had gloves, masks, electronic balance and other material to make Improvised Explosive Devices. This shows that they were ready to strike.”

NIA lets off six ISIS suspects after grilling

Six of the 11 people who were arrested by the NIA were released on Wednesday night after no evidence was found against them.

They were identified as Syed Naimath Ullah Hussaini alias Yaser Naimathullah, 42, from Moghalpura; Muzaffar Hussain Rizwan, 29, from Talabkatta; Mohd Ataullah Rahman, 30, from Bandlaguda; Mr Abdul alias al Jeelani Abdul Qader Mohsin Mahmood, 32, from Yousuf Gulshan Colony, Hashma-bad; A.M. Azhar, 20, from Talabkatta; and Moham-med Arbaz Ahmed, 21, from Keshogiri, Chand-rayanagutta.

Sources said that the six were picked up on suspicion that they were close to the five arrested IS men. NIA officials had also searched the houses of the six but had not found anything incriminating against them. They also do not have any criminal background.

Official sources said that no cases were registered against the six though they have been put under surveillance to verify some more details. Though they were released, most of them are staying away from their homes fearing stigma.

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