Monday, 30 January 2017

Hyderabad Metro Rail plans to build multi-level parking

By Udumula Sudhakar Reddy

Hyderabad Metro Rail has issued tenders to appoint a concessionaire for the development of the integrated multi-level parking and skywalks targeting commercial areas at Nampally and Abids on a Design Build Finance Operate Transfer (DBFOT) mode. The multi-level parking is to be constructed on 0.5 acres at Nampally near the upcoming Metro Rail station. The skywalks will be constructed, in general, below the viaduct along the central median, wherever piers are present for connectivity with nearby areas for Metro Rail and other road users.

According to HMR authorities, the area for the project is centered around the Nampally and Gandhi Bhavan Metro Rail stations, both located approximately 800 metre apart on the Metro Line Corridor I from Miyapur to LB Nagar. A proposed skywalk will connect the MLP to both the Nampally and Gandhi Bhavan stations. The concession period has been fixed at 25 years. HMR will provide the land for the MLP and facilitate approvals. However, it will not bear any cost. The integrated multi-level car park that will also include a commercial complex will have a minimum capacity of 350 cars and 200 two-wheelers.

“The larger project area extends to the railway station complex in the north, Abids towards the east, Moazzamjahi Market and surrounding in the south and the Gandhi Bhavan area and neighbouring Exhibition Grounds towards the west,” said a HMR source. “The area is primarily commercial in nature with wholesale shops dealing with furniture, sanitary ware, ceramics, electrical appliances etc. Due to the presence of the Nampally station, there are many hotels and lodges located within a 500-metre radius of the station complex. In addition to commercial and lodging facilities, the area houses multiple government and office buildings,” he said.

The area faces the dual issue of parking as well as sub-par pedestrian experience. Although many of the bigger government offices and hotels have their own parking, there is only one dedicated parking space available within the project area. The area also lacks proper pedestrian facilities for people wanting to visit the various landmarks.

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