Friday, 20 July 2012

Baby for Sale : Woman 'repents' says she wants baby back

U Sudhakar Reddy
 The woman who sold her baby boy for Rs 30,000 asked the women and 
child welfare department officials to give back her child. However officials who 
counseled her on Wednesday wanted to double check her credentials and takes action 
regarding it.
Medak district women and child welfare officer Ms Y Shailaja says,”we counseled the 
biological mother of the boy Nagesh and as well as the couple who brought her. The infant 
is in our safe custody at our Sisugruha and he is being taken care well. During the 
counseling mother Yasodha alias Yesamma told us that she wants to take back the boy. 
However we are inquiring with the locals to find out the genuineness of her claim. We 
will take decision after we get the report,”
She added,”the woman was divorced and due to poverty she couldn’t raise the two children. 
She is living with her parents,” The woman also claimed that she sold the child for the 
medical expenses of her father.
Intrestingly the officials do not know whether the mother and baby are enrolled with the 
Anganwadi centre of ICDS( Integrated Child Development Services) project which provides 
nutritious food.
“I have to check whether she is enrolled with Anganwadi centre,” said Shailaja. n the 
bond executed on Rs 10 stamp one of the clause is that Yasodha shall repay Rs 1.5 lakh 
cash to buyer K Venati if she demands the son back.
 Medak district Child Welfare Committee convenor Ms K Shiva Kumar says ,”there is no role 
of men in this episode. Yasodha is actually not staying in Kowdipally she is there at 
Armoor. The buyer family was staying that they lose money if they hand over the boy back. 
They are rural woman and do not have legal awareness. It’s a crime to sell or buy the 
She added that this is the second incident in Kowdipally area . “ This is a very 
unfortunate incident. Earlier a similar transaction took place among the relatives in the 
same mandal. We intervened at right time and stopped it. There is a need to conduct a 
special drive in this area to create awareness,” She said ,”It is a fit case to book FIR 
as per law but both are ignorant illiterates and we have to take a decision after getting 
a report,”
Meanwhile local MP Ms Vijaya Shanti blamed the local officials for the episode and asked 
the government to take measures.

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