Friday, 20 July 2012

Baby for sale: Woman sells her male baby for Rs 30,000( 600 US dollars)

Udumula Sudhakar Reddy
The woman Yasodhamma and he 11 months boy Nagesh
A woman has sold her 11 months old male baby for Rs 30,000 to a 
childless couple in Kowdipally of Medak district in the city fringes. The woman 
identified K Yasodha alias Yesamma 25 and the buyer Mr. K Venkati of a neighboring 
village struck a sale consideration agreement on stamp paper regarding the transaction.
The issue came into limelight when Yasodha demanded Rs 20,000 more from Venkati after a 
week on Tuesday and village elders intervened to resolve it amicably. As they failed to 
do so one of the village elders informed the Kowdipaly police of Toopran sub division.
Kowdipally sub inspector of police Mr. T Kiran Kumar said ,”the sale of the boy, Nagesh, 
took place a week ago. After we came to know about the incident we visited the village 
and conducting inquiry. The infant was handed over to Women and Child welfare officials 
and was shifted to child care centre at Sanga Reddy on Tuesday,” Yasodha was called to 
the police station and cops questioned her regarding the sale.
Police said Yasodha separated from her husband four years ago and second child is 11 
months old. “We are trying to trace out the child’s father.  She is staying with her 
parents. In the written agreement with buyers she told that she is selling her child as 
she is unable to raise him.  The buyer Venkati had brought us some documents where he 
claimed that he was trying to legally adopt some other child from State women and child 
welfare department. He also paid Rs 100 as Demand draft. As the process is on Yasodha 
approached him and offered to sell the infant Nagesh. Unaware of legal consequence he 
agreed as it is a quick process,” said SI Kiran Kumar.
Yasodha and as well as Venkati of Velamakanne village are daily workers and also depend 
on NREG scheme. Venkati also owns a small piece of land which he cultivates.
The woman Yasodha claimed,” I sold the baby for my father’s medical expenditure. My 
father is suffering with sever throat ulcers. With the money I have spent Rs 10,000 on 
the medicines of my father and remaining amount of Rs 20,000 is with my brother,”
The SI of police said,”Yasodha is not giving answers properly. We are yet to cross check 
her version on treatment. We don’t know whether the family has an Arogyasri insurance 
card. But her family is poor and work as laborers in fields,”
He added,”In the past few years we haven’t heard this kind of incident of sale of the 
baby in this part of Medak,”

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