Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Terror alert: Bangladesh, Afghan ultras have sneaked into Hyderabad --- Cops to focus on Bangladeshi illegals after Eid, deport them

By Udumula Sudhakar Reddy

The IB reports that at least 70 to 90 trained militants of the Jamat Ul Mujahideen and other terror groups from Bangladesh and Afghanistan may have sneaked into Hyderabad,  Bengaluru and Maharasthra is baffling the city police. However counter Intelligence denied the IB alert on Bangla ultras sneaking into the country.

After the terror attacks in Dhaka the alert has gained significance and several agencies are working to track down the ultras. A senior police official said, “We don’t know the exact number but there is an alert that militants have sneaked into the city and other parts of the country. Not only Bangladesh the alert also mentioned Afghanistan. We are trying to ascertain whether there is any ISIS link.”

Sources in Intelligence agencies said the threat is that most of them were trained in terror in Bangladesh, Syria, Afghanistan and has now spread throughout the country to carry out attacks.

The suspects came to Hyderabad and other places on trains through the porous Bangladesh border. A police official said, “Bangladeshis may be living in the city as Rohingya refugees. When we conducted cordon and search we found many illegal immigrants in Hafeezbabanagar, Asadbaba Nagar and Chandrayanagutta. However, some NGOs protested against the cordon and search saying that we are violating human rights.”

The official said, “We are going to focus on Bangladeshi illegals after Eid. This time we want to deport them to their country. Most Bangladeshis speak fluent Bengali and it is very difficult to identify them. They work in the gold industry in the old city.”

The police had earlier arrested Bangladeshis linked to terror. In 2015 there was a crackdown on illegals A Bangladeshi suicide bomber of the Huji group was involved in bombing a police task force in 2005.

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